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Canadian Business Grants is a SCAM!! - 2019

I am a recent victim of their sales tactics. It is not worth the money.

All these reviews are correct. Jan 2019.

A large multimedia media awareness will be created. This includes informing the better business bureau.

Promised many call backs and never once received one. I had to persistently call, to get any answers or progress.

Making my payment Jan 9 2019, finally, receiving my PDF file Feb 7 2019. OMG !!!

Anyone can Google Canadian Business Finance directory for this information and lay it out in a PDF.

Sending me data for areas that are not related to my business....

So why did they require detailed information of my plan for ? ...obviously no one truly read it, with intent to provide me with useful information.

The convoluted methods and direct cat fishing is wrong ! You people should be ashamed.

After collecting my payment, never once did I experience a professional conversation with these clowns.

Just dead cold responses and lies to my questions.

After you have paid, you will receive a large PDF with your proof of payment invoice. This PDF will contain the same information that you wait for.

Its a large list of finance type government programs. When you finally get your completed results, its a refined list of the large PDF they initially sent.

So I did try contacting some of the programs and some are real and some do not exist any more. Some numbers just lead to general offices.

Asking the representative at Canadian Business Centre questions like "Are these funding programs in direct contact with you ?" ... ie Canadian Business Centre.

"Have the hosts of the programs been informed of my start up? ....Do they know who I am ?"

Each time I am being told yes ...yes ...yes. When I contacted these programs, they were oblivious and had never even heard of this business centre.

I could have forgotten about this, if it was a $50 or even a $100 experience. But they suckered me for $699.

Selling you the fact that the cost if fully 100% deductible,

assuring you that they are connected to many government programs and all you need to provide if your personal and banking information.

In the end all the data I provided was redundant. They could have constructed the same results, by me providing a simple email with a few lines, stating my areas of interest.

Or sent the PDF and let me pick from the list ...for $20 ...NOT $699!

Then continued to chat with me for further interest. But instead I waited a long time for a sub par document,

that contains about 20% of usable information. Some details of available programs related to your business topics and that offices contact information.....that all you get.

Here hoping I get something back for this.

I feel even worse for sending them detailed copies of my business plan. Now I can not take it back.

Who knows what they will do with that information that they are collecting.

I no further ahead ! Thank you for nothing !

I am open to share any information that I have collected to these funding programs.

Stay far away !

Product or Service Mentioned: Canadian Grants Business Center Grant Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $699.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hey there ! Just going through this experience as well currently .

I will be contacting the better business bureau as well and I have contacted CRA. Next is the agency for tax evasion .